Looking for advice and tips on how to keep your business profitable?

Vero3 Strategies Drive Real Profit for Our Clients Over Time



Effective scheduling and recare protocols designed to make Hygiene a profit center



Profitable, efficient, predictable scheduling whether working out of single or multiple chairs



Customized and optimized systems improve production in virtually every area of a practice



Patients say “yes” to treatments more readily as a result of Vero3 strategies



Vero3 effectively integrates clinical and administrative systems to keep patients and secure your practice



Vero3 clients reduce or totally eliminate 90 day past due accounts and claims



  • I refer Karen to my clients because she is extremely professional and knowledgeable in process management and development. She provides the guidance, expertise and training which allow her clients to build sustainable, successful practices.

  • I think Karen is amazing. I have referred my customers to her because she is a good listener and she certainly knows her stuff. I wish all my dental customers would work with her! I truly think that Vero3 is worth the investment for any business.  

  • Our office has had the privilege working with Karen and her group, providing professional assistance to mutual clients, for the past four-plus years. I have personally found Karen’s dedication to any task superior, her knowledge of practice management peerless and her professional interactions extremely courteous yet forthright. We consider Karen an asset to our practice.

  • Karen Marshall helped take my career to the next level! She has been integral in the evaluation, purchase, transition, and now operations of my business. She navigated me through tough insurance problems, compliance issues, system integration, maximizing software, empowering employees, social media/marketing....the list goes on. Karen is a coach that delivers proven strategies, tireless work ethic, and a passion for success!

  • In only a few short months my accounts receivable were cut in half, my production hit a high, and both my schedule and my attitude improved. With Karen's help I'm beginning to see the true joy of owning my own business and look forward to the future of the practice.

  • Karen’s knowledge, experience, and guidance helped us achieve the highest levels of annual growth and production that we have ever enjoyed in the ten-year history of our practice.”

  • In just two weeks, our team collected 100% each day plus an additional $32,000 from overdue patients. A/R is now fun and no one slips through the cracks. Our team is a well-tuned machine.

  • Karen's thorough analysis of our operations found numerous areas of vulnerability and inefficiency that had been detrimental to our business. We gained valuable insight into ways to improve operations and increase revenue. Karen proved to be a great resource for my office.

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