Do You Say What Your Patients Hear?

All too often, the role of communication in total patient care is sadly overlooked. Not only is it imperative that clinicians and administrative staff seamlessly share information and speak with a unified voice, but every member of your team needs to develop the skill of communicating simply, compassionately, and frequently with each patient during their care.

The Truth Is… Patients don’t ask the questions they need to ask and they don’t listen the way we think they do.

There are 3 main communication factors every member of your staff should embrace.

Two-Way Communication

Ask frequent questions, reiterate important points, and talk them through every step during the appointment to ensure that your patient fully understands the complete care you are providing.


Whenever possible, speak face-to-face, even knee-to-knee, with a patient so that you can watch their facial expressions for comprehension. Allowing the patient to read your facial expressions personalizes the conversation and demonstrates authenticity.

Be the Advocate

When interacting with a patient, remember this is a very intimate situation for the patient. Make sure each patient is well-informed and comfortable asking questions. You are the patients’ advocate.

Is your staff on the same page? Are your patients satisfied? Do your patients understand what the clinicians are conveying to them?

Clear and open communication is essential. If your client does not fully understand a situation or procedure, or if you don’t understand their fears and concerns, the patient might not receive the care they deserve.

Good communication allows your patients to relax and feel confidant in your service. Patients that trust you are patients for life.

Vero3 solves these issues by helping practices to establish key strategies and policies to increase client retention. We help create systems and processes to improve efficiency, case acceptance, scheduling, and patient retention. Personalized team dynamics are developed and coached to empower clinical and administrative staffs to deliver optimum customer care and service.

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