We work WITH you to optimize every process.


Vero3 strategies improve your practice performance results, employee utilization and efficiency, and schedule optimization while.reducing overtime and overhead.


We’ll help you develop clear expectations and accountability. Employees that clearly understand their jobs are happier and more productive.


We flag the earliest symptoms of risk and work with you to implement strategies that minimize your risk while maintaining customer service.


Proper software setup and insurance calculations result in 100% daily collections. You’ll have improved cash flow and reduced accounts receivable.


Vero3 tracking and strategy helps you understand when to add hygiene hours, add associates, or sell your practice.


Customized scheduling design increases a doctor’s hourly rate exponentially and staff optimization improves case acceptance.


If you are doing business the same way you did two years ago, you are probably losing money.

Regardless of the stage of your practice, we work closely with every member of your team to evaluate current practices and develop strategies to improve:

Vero3 Truth: Every appointment counts. We have the unique understanding to help you make the most of every appointment while enabling you to deliver the very best of customer service and patient care.

Practice analysis to identify opportunities for revenue and reduce risk by flagging the earliest symptoms.

Accounts receivable and insurance strategies to improve reimbursement, improve cash flow, and reduce fraud and embezzlement.

Systems and processes optimization to improve efficiency, case acceptance, scheduling, and patient retention.

Staff optimization and coaching to empower clinical and administrative staffs to deliver optimum customer care and service.

Bent Ericksen Certified HR consulting to implement policy manuals, job descriptions, and employment law compliance.

HIPAA compliance analysis to enable paperless practice with optimum records retention, software, security, and privacy practices.

IPM Certified Training for best-in-industry job matching, new hire selection, team building and personal development.

Profitability analysis with overheads, custom budgets, salaries and benefit design to improve net and reduce debt.

Software optimization and systems analysis to best manage the business of your business.

Start up coaching ensures the practice makes money the first day.

Transition management optimizes value for both buyer and seller.

Process alignment for clinical, financial, accounting, customer service, business development, customer retention, language skills, customer education, follow up