Success Stories


We drive growth in every stage of your practice.

The average Vero3 client increases their net profit 7-9% every year, continuously, by implementing our customized processes designed for sustainable growth.

"In only a few short months, my accounts receivable were cut in half, my production hit a high, and both my schedule and my attitude improved. With Karen’s help I’m beginning to see the true joy of owning my own business and look forward to the future of the practice "

Angela Gum, DDS
375 N. Front Street, Columbus, Ohio


After almost two years into a startup with poor guidance and high rent, our client felt like nothing was working.

Within three months, Vero3 had updated the software, implemented core systems and resolved old debt and insurance claims.

Vero3 has continued to consult and coach this client for over three years with profits increasing by over 40 percent.


Vero3 Truth:  Most practice owners are ignoring their best source of revenue and they don’t even realize it. The first place we look is often accounts receivable.

Practice $ Production

One Vero 3 client increased his case acceptance from 17% to 95% in less than a year.

Practice $ Production

"Karen has that unique ability to mentor and lead. She implements a very practical, common sense approach that works. She has years of valuable, hands on experience and knowledge that is evident as soon as you start to see the numbers go up!"

Mia Walthers, Kevin Cochran Dental


Another Vero3 client knew he needed a new business system but wasn’t sure what he needed to be successful. Vero3 was able to revamp his practice by applying recall, retention, case management and establishing core business systems.

Patients are kept informed by defining and refining the customer service policy with effective language skills. By creating a higher standard of customer service, patients are left knowing they have been heard and treated well.

Our client now enjoys steady year over year growth. In four years his $675,000 practice has grown to over $2.2 million in gross revenue.


Vero3 Truth:  The right systems and staff commitment lead to increased profitability.


One young hygiene team went from $63 to a consistent $136 per hour.



"Karen Marshall helped take my career to the next level! She has been integral in the evaluation, purchase, transition, and now operations of my business. She navigated me through tough insurance problems, compliance issues, system integration, maximizing software, empowering employees, social media / marketing.... the list goes on. Karen is a coach that delivers proven strategies, tireless work ethic, and a passion for success!"

Kevin W Snyder DDS, Harbour Dental Care

Jacksonville, Florida


When this client identified several out-of-state practices that he was interested in purchasing, he first engaged Vero3 Consulting to conduct a mini-analysis on each one.

Through the analysis, Vero3 was able to uncover the true value of each practice, saving our client ½ million dollars in purchasing costs. After purchasing his practice, Vero3 worked with our client to put new employee systems in place.

By the end of his first year, our client had produced three times more than the previous owner, grossing $1 million.


Vero3 Truth:  Transitioning happens months before closing plan before you buy.